ProConnect Series

25/03/2022Ages and Stages of School Education – Ms. Manasa Pillai

11/02/2022Influencer Marketing-Strategies for you and your Business – Pallavi Arvind Narasimhan

13/01/2022What I have learned in Google – T G Ramakrishnan

26/11/2021 (Online)Art and Engineering of Blogging

13/11/2021 (Online) -Selling without Selling MASTER CLASS

29/10/2021 (Online) -Session on Life Success vs Professional Success.

07/10/2021 (Online) -Assertive Communication in the Workplace

03/09/2021(Online) – CARE-Echo Club Inaugural Address

11/9/2021 (Online)-DevOps Leadership

14-08-2021(Online)Redefining Security in a Work from Home

07-08-2021(Online)Gems- SVCE Global Entreprenueur MeetUps